What a woman wants to have beautiful expressive plump lips? But is it worth doing? For most women, the ideal option – it is full sensuous lips, but the upper lip is slightly thinner than the bottom. Sometimes there are violations of the relevant volume of the upper and lower lips, sharp outcrop gums of the upper jaw with a smile, genetically thin lips.

Lips become thinner and lose their expression with age, while they may lengthen, there is a disproportion between them due to the fact that the upper lip is usually undergoes a great change. When facelift necessarily hold the plastic lip, otherwise the person will be unattractive.

Cheiloplasty carried out:

- if there is a congenital defect in shape of lips;

- when hanging lower lip;

- if scar overgrown corners of the mouth;

- if on the lips of various benign tumors;

- if you have age-related changes;

- wrinkles around the lips, thinning, sagging;

- if the patient is not satisfied with his form of the lips – at the asymmetry of the lips.

Preparation for plastic lips – this is, above all, identification and treatment of all chronic diseases, including allergies, since after plastic surgery in the area of the wound may have inflammatory and allergic reactions. It occurs rarely, but nevertheless, it is better not to risk and how to treat. There are different kinds of plastic lips that are applied depending on what the patient wants to be the result of: contouring plastic surgery to create a new red border, etc.

One type is a plastic lip contour using bio-gel. Contour lips done to increase lip volume. The volume is increased by the introduction under the skin of the lips of a special gel. The choice of drug depends on the condition of the skin and lips from the desired duration of drug action.

Now there are drugs that can alter the shape of the lips temporarily, just for a few months. Under local anesthetic gel syringe is introduced into the region of the lips, and then with the help of massage is distributed evenly over the surface. Since the lips are many blood vessels that occurs after the contouring of their edema and cyanosis, which are held no more than two weeks. ┬áIn order to quickly restore the function of tissues after lip contour plastic lips on the first day are used cold, and then – massage and physiotherapy.

Since the water from the gel gradually absorbed, sometimes lip contouring procedure is repeated in 1-1, 5 months. Effect after contouring the lips lasts up to one year, after which the gel dissolves and contouring lips can repeat. Contour lip is often done in conjunction with the general plasticity of the person or with the correction of wrinkles, which makes a person more effectively.

Contour lips with his adipose tissue (fat injection, lip filling) – arc method. To do this, place the injection own fat from the abdomen under the skin of the lips. This procedure allows obtaining the stable result for a long time. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. In place of taking the fat no trace remains. Hospital stay after this surgery is not required, but the result can be seen almost immediately (a few days holds only a small swelling of the lips).

The operation to create a new red border of lips. Lip gels increases with the amount of red border, but it does not improve the shape lips. If you want to change the shape of the lips, then under local or general anesthesia is create a new form of red border. To do this, cut a strip of skin just above the upper lip, the upper edge which creates a new image of the contour lip. The cast is removed after a week, a few days later allowed to use lipstick. Seal the lips and loss of skin sensation in the postoperative scar is gradually taking place in 3-4 months.

Correction of thin lips. Correction of thin lips (lips tightening) is a non-positive operation. Occurs it is usually painless and causes no complications and visible scarring (scar is usually located on the border of the red portion and the skin).

To decide even on a small plastic surgery on her face, you need to carefully think things through, and perhaps consult with a plastic surgeon. He will find what you advise. Do not make the lips, like “Angelina Jolie “, because they will be placed on your, and not on her face and could void your personality.

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