Liza Minnelli gets rid of wrinkles

The legendary actress and singer Liza Minnelli, apparently, really does not want to fade! To maintain its bright appearance, the 64-year-old star of “Cabaret” decided on a total facelift and beauty shots. Autumn – a traditional time for rejuvenation and Liza Minnelli, judging by her new picture, made the right decision with your surgeon.

A few days ago Liza Minnelli graced the opening of the Academy of Cinema film, art and science of The Lighthouse Cinema. And once all the paparazzi attention was focused on her alone, although the event was more than enough other distinguished guests. The fact that the 64-year-old Lisa was just never know!

Her face was not a single wrinkle, eyes become more expressive, and the skin tightened – just like 30 years ago! In addition, the lips actress became markedly more that could be talking about injections of gels based on hyaluronic acid. Raised eyebrows Ms. Minnelli this is obvious merit of Botox. Well, youthful face as a whole – apparently the result of quality suspenders.

The famous TV host Larry King has been thought that such metamorphoses implemented because Minnelli going for the fifth time to get married. But the scandalous muse of Andy Warhol in her characteristic manner retorted: “You’re crazy!” The same actress to answer the question “head” about whether she visited on a table at a plastic surgeon.

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