Underground plastic surgery

Number of victims of an underground cosmetic surgery – illegal cosmetic injections in the buttocks – continues to grow, but the desire of women to make a bigger ass and firm still overpowering.

Illegal and dangerous practice of injections of toxic materials into the buttocks for cosmetic purposes has led to another arrest in Florida. Behind bars pleased 54-year-old Ana Joseph Seville. She is accused of providing medical services without the appropriate licenses – for this offense can sit for many years, if the health of patients has been brought to any harm.

According to police, Seville began to attract to his office in one of the spas in Miami, women wishing to spend a cosmetic change in shape of the buttocks (make them larger and more resilient). She reported to clients that a licensed doctor and that she had been practicing in Los Angeles. ? ?Now Seville is already on bail of $ 5000. Okay that its illegal practices had no time to result in severe complications for patients. Alas, sometimes all these things are much sadder.

In March last year the government of New Jersey discovered a black market for cosmetic surgery to change the shape of buttocks after a half-dozen victims of plastic surgery appealed to the hospital with serious leather infections and abscesses on the buttocks.

In police reports and supervising public health officials noted that this illegal practice has become possible thanks to the growing trend of operations on the buttocks. More and more women want to be like celebrities, famous for its outstanding fifth points, such as Jennifer Lopez or Mariah Carey.

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