Clay treatment

Clay treatment.

Clay is a natural remedy that helps to cope with many problems. Mainly it is used for cosmetic purposes to clean skin – rejuvenating, moisturizing and eliminating acne sleep. However, this is not a complete list of its positive attributes. Clay is a product of an almost universal, which is required in every home.

 Clay is white, black, green, red, yellow, pink, and each of these types has its advantages. The difference between them lies in the mineral composition. Green clay is rich in silicon, calcium, magnesium, aluminum and potassium, and so basically just uses it for therapeutic purposes. Black and white clay allies beautiful clear skin, so they are often included in the composition of cosmetic products. Black is good for oily, white Рfor dry skin. Red clay is used for normal and sensitive, pink Рfor hypersensitive skin.

Clay is very rich in minerals, so is able to moisturize skin and soothe irritated area. Clay, located on the skin, improves microcirculation, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, which slows the formation of wrinkles and maintains firmness. Clay is able to deal with imperfections of the skin, giving a face a good color and shine. It absorbs excess sebum, stretching the black dots, fine cleaning face. Clay has antiseptic properties, in addition, the ability to heal tissue and stop bleeding. In the event of an attack of rheumatism (joint pain, arthritis, arthrosis), you can try to help themselves with clay. Clay – the perfect remedy of oily skin and hair. It absorbs too much fat, cleansing the skin and hair column, reducing its production in the future.

Even though the clay is considered to be a useful natural gift, it has some contraindications, which should not be neglected. This is mainly for the internal use, to which should be treated with great caution. If in doubt, should consult with your doctor and use clay mainly in the form of lotions, compresses, masks.

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