Plastic surgery

If you are dissatisfied with their appearance, then you can bring plastic surgery. But before you decide, it is necessary to gather information and think carefully, to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes. Plastic surgery involves many different procedures. Here are the most common of them: Abdominoplasty: Get extra fat in the abdominal area; Breast augmentation: using silicone or water-filled implants increase breast volume;  Chemical peels: removes the top layers of skin wrinkles and signs of wilting; ?Collagen injections: using injectable collagen in the subcutaneous tissue to smooth wrinkles.

Grinding of the skin (dermabrasion): With high-speed abrasive disc removed the scars and wrinkles.

Otoplasty: shape changes, or decrease the size of the ears.

Facelift: removes excess fat and tighten the facial muscles.

Liposuction: excess fat removed with a vacuum.

Rhinoplasty: changes the shape of the nose or decrease its size. The main argument when referring to plastic surgery – it is hoped that the change of appearance will help you change your life. After all, look better is better and more confident feel in different situations. However, expectations must be realistic. Do not expect that plastic surgery can help you overcome depression, cope with the loss of a loved one or get rid of the emotional scars after a divorce.

Plastic surgery can change your appearance is not as much as you’d expect. Result of treatment costing several hundred dollars might not be as impressive as the expensive plastic surgery, which makes itself the star. That the results of surgery you did not disappoint, discuss them with your surgeon. Clearly define what you want to achieve after the procedure. Complications resulting from cosmetic surgery are quite rare, but possible: infections, allergic reactions, numbness or pain after surgery, nausea, and vomiting, bleeding, cardiovascular problems (changes in blood pressure, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction or stroke).

Plastic surgery is often referred to as VIP-services. Most plastic surgery procedures are not covered by insurance. To find out whether you are compensated for the expenses, you must read the terms of the insurance contract. Also note that the rehabilitation period after surgery can take anywhere from one day to a month or more. Do not forget to find out how long to store the result of plastic surgery. Some changes will stay with you for life, others – only a few months. Going to a plastic surgeon, prepare and ask the following questions:

What kind of plastic surgery he will recommend?

Are there alternatives to surgery?

What results can I expect from surgery?

Will a single operation, or more?

Is there a risk of complications after surgery?

He specializes in the operations of the type that offer?

How many such operations, he has already spent?

Whether patients were satisfied with the results?

How many successful operations and how many complications he had in his practice? What is his education?

Does he have a certificate confirming the right to provide these services?

What is the cost of treatment?

How long will the recovery period?

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